ATC Tutorial 2 – Memories – Adding more layers

To reflect the sky colors in the water, I made a duplicate layer of the sky, flipped it vertically in Edit–>Transform. I reduced its transparency to 36%, and slightly adjusted the color to make it greener (for the influence of the green of the water) and darker.

I remembered my painting lessons which taught me that the sky is almost always the lightest natural tone in any picture. So, the water had to be a little darker. (ref. Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting – an inexpensive must-own if you’re working with landscape-type art.)

Next, I knew that I wanted at least one figure in this ATC, so I went to my image CD, Shameless Hussies 1, and selected “Paris-Draped” from the “Exposed Breasts” file. (I tried to label the files so that there wouldn’t be any surprises.) shameless hussies paris-draped
two paris-draped images over the palace ATC design I selected just the figure to use on my ATC, and blurred the edges slightly. (Remember, if you’re working with a layer that’s going to be transparent, you can get away with far less precision in your images.)

Then, I…

  • made a duplicate layer so would be two figures
  • flipped one of them
  • adjusted the transparency
  • set the figures where I wanted them.

Then I merged the two figure layers so that I could play with the hue, saturation, and contrast.

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