Choose Your View – printable ATC

“Choose Your View” – a digital ATC (artist trading card) that you can print… free!

Choose your view ATC by Aisling D'Art - click for printable version

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This ATC started out to be a Christmas/holiday-themed card. But, I’ve also been thinking about my June 2007 tour of England, and that may be why I chose a rather dramatic photo of England.

Then, I started thinking that it was an odd view for a holiday ATC, and the words, “Choose your view” came into my mind… in the exact font that I’ve used on this card.

At that point, I started thinking about alternative views… literal and figurative.

So, I flipped the image and started working on it. This included isolating areas of the original photo, and adjusting the contrast before coloring each area individually and adding the lens flare.

The card probably looks like a simple pair of photos. And, it would have been a five-minute project if I’d started with the color version and just needed to desaturate it and adjust contrast.

But, when the card was complete, I liked what it said to me. I’m not sure that anyone else will realize the point (the message) that I’m making with this card, but that doesn’t matter.

Choose the view that gives you a sense of wonder and beauty; that’s almost always the correct view.

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