Alley Hauldren’s Journey to Winchester, TN

After arriving in Tennessee from Arkansas, it was time to continue Alley’s journey.

During the final phase of Alley’s adventures, she reached Winchester, Tennessee.  That part of her trip inspired the next two pages in this round robin artists’ journal.

This transformed this journal into a true mixed-media artists’ journal, as Alley included actual cotton from Falls Mills.

These are her pages, larger:

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Alley Hauldren’s Third Journal Pages

After Arkansas, Alley and her husband were on their way to Tennessee.  The map in this collage shows the route that she and her husband took as they headed toward Memphis.

Paper ephemera illustrates their journey.

Here are her journal pages, larger:

Click here to see the last two pages of Alley’s section in this round robin journal.  They cover the conclusion of her trip as she drove from Dallas (TX) to Winchester (TN).

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Alley Hauldren’s Second Pages

From Texas, Alley’s adventures continued through Arkansas.  That part of her journey was documented on the next two pages in the round robin journal from the Yahoo Group, Artists’ Journals.

Alley Hauldren - pages 5 and 6

Here are those pages, larger:

Click here to follow Alley’s next step of the journey, as she and her husband drove from Arkansas toward Memphis, TN.

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Round Robin Journal #2b – Alley’s Art

After I finished a quick pair of collage pages, Alley Hauldren from Texas took this round robin journal on an adventure, driving from Dallas (TX) to Winchester (TN).

Here’s her first two-page addition to this journal:

Pages 3 and 4 of the RR Journal #2b - Alley Hauldren

Here they are, larger.

Her next two pages cover the second segment of her vacation.

Click here to see Alley’s journal pages about her adventures in Arkansas.

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Round Robin #2b – First pages

Last Spring, two round robin journals were launched through the ArtistsJournals group at Yahoo Groups.  The first one — Round Robin #1 (aka RR #1) — returned to me first.  It’s pages have been scanned and posted.

Round Robin Journal #2 had a slightly rockier start.  The first person I sent it to… she kept it and was never heard from again.

So, I quickly replaced it with RR #2b, which had a few lulls but eventually returned to me.  However, I did take time to start this journal with a hasty, two-page collage sequence.

RR2b - Aisling D'Art's collages

In my collages, I’m always intrigued by two things:  How expressive eyes are, and a sense of motion (or stillness) in the combined images.

The left-side page is a collection of women’s faces, looking in different directions with different attitudes.  The right-side page includes a couple of images of fast-moving clouds, a leg to suggest motion, and faces contrasting enthusiasm and a sense of whimsy.

After that, I sent the journal to Alley Hauldren, who took the book on a journey.  Click here to see those next pages.

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In Business? Who Are You Reading?

business of art - who are you reading?Are you a professional artist, or launching an art career?

Whether you’re a gallery veteran or simply considering selling your art, it’s vital to remain current about the art field as well as business trends in general.

So… who are you reading, to stay current?

One of the most important recent books is Seth Godin’s Linchpin.  It’s changing about 70% of how I spend my online time, and almost everything about my offline art/business activities.  (Godin is talking about art, but not necessarily visual or fine arts.  The book applies to anyone with a job… self-employed or not.)

In addition, I subscribe to updates (or read the RSS feeds) from several people.  Once again, Seth Godin is high on that list.  (See his recent, excellent blog post, The First Rule of Doing Work that Matters.) Dan Zarrella is another one.  (If you’ve never heard of him, this is a typical post:  Introduce Yourself: Why Should We Listen to You?)

To stay current on art trends, read magazines related to art collecting. Generally, watch for regional trends that are likely to spread.

I put the most focus on the European markets, as they often influence what’s going on the States.  However, I also like the American Art Collector Magazine website, especially their Virtual Art Walk.

Look for colors, designs, and price ranges that are popular.  Look for the influence of mixed media and sculpture, paper arts and fiber.

You can benefit from these insights, whether you’re a full-time artist or someone who’s hoping to earn extra money with spare-time creative projects.

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RR Journal #1 – Final American Scans

These are the final scans from the American participants in the round robin (RR) journal #1 that began at ArtistsJournals in April 2010.

The first are 10 pages by Linda Giese:

The next journal pages are by Iris Gonyea:

(The text on that collage says, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” — Albert Einstein.)

Now, the journal will remain with me for about a week or ten days, and I may add something to it.  Then, it will be on its way to Stephen du Toit in England, to begin the international portion of its journey.

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RR #1 – Pages 11 through 15

These are more scans from the round robin (RR) journal #1, launched in April 2010 for the ArtistsJournals group at Yahoo Groups.

The details in some of these images required very large file sizes.  However, the load time delay (if any) is worth the wait.

The first group of pages were by Dot McQuade:

Page 11 – Alphabet stamp from Turtle Press, pelican stamp carved by Dot McQuade.

Journal page, pelican stamp carved by Dot McQuade

Page 12

Page 13 – Dragonfly and butterfly stamps carved by Dot McQuade.  Bathtub stamp carved by Dot’s husband, Dan McQuade.  “Dots” stamp by Stampin’ Up.

The next two two-page spreads are by Lorna Sommer:

Page 14

Page 15

If you’re inspired by illustrated journals, many books feature related art.  Favorites include True Colors: A Palette of Collaborative Art Journals, and Artists’ Journals and Sketchbooks: Creating Personal Pages, and 1,000 Artist Journal Pages.  (My artwork is included in the latter.)

[table id=1 /]

Though those books aren’t “how-to” guides, and they can be overwhelming for beginners.  However, each book is amazingly visually inspiring.

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Round Robin Journal #1 – ArtistsJournals Group

Last April (2010), I launched two round robin (RR) journals at ArtistsJournals2 (aka AJ2) at Yahoo Groups.  (Since then, AJ2 merged with my main ArtistsJournals group at Yahoo Groups.)

RR Journal #1 has returned to me.  I’m scanning it before sending it to Stephen in England, to begin the international segment of this journal’s adventures.

The first several pages are below, but the image files are large.  Please wait for them to fully load.

I’ve scanned the first ten pages of the journal, so I’m about 1/3 of the way through it.  Here are the pages, so far.

The first four pages are my own torn-paper collages.  (The glitter and gold leaf don’t really show up in the scans.)

The next three two-page spreads are by ffyrebird:

The next series of pages are by Lynn Trochelman:

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