Letterboxing information

Letterboxing is sort of like a scavenger hunt, except that it’s not timed and the prize is the satisfaction of knowing that you found the hidden treasure. In a nutshell: Using clues (usually found online), you’ll search for a letterbox in an interesting location such as a public park. The letterbox is usually a plastic …

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Letterboxing Gatherings

Letterboxing gatherings are great events.  Friends and strangers – letterboxers at all levels of experience – meet at a location with letterboxes. Any of the following activities (and more!) can be part of a letterboxing gathering: Informal or organized hunts for existing letterboxes Event-specific letterboxes may be planted and found Swapping stories, stamps and other …

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Letterboxes (Past?)

STATUS: MOST OF THESE BOXES ARE (PROBABLY?) MISSING. See descriptions for individual status reports. The following information is from years ago, when most of the boxes were still there.  I keep this online for those who did find these boxes, and want to remember where the stamp came from. Seacoast NH The NH Seacoast is …

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