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Finding Creative Time & Space

Finding Creative Time & Space – Rice Freeman-Zachery

Lost your artistic mojo? Not sure if you’re a “real artist”? It’s time to get back in touch with your creativity. Pour yourself a cup of tea and curl up with this video. Rice (said “REE-suhh”) Freeman-Zachery is a long-time friend and a continual inspiration. She’s found myriad ways to build her successful art career. …

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Art and Feeling Good

When I create anything artistic, I feel good.  I’ve also noticed that my life goes better… I attract more good things into my life. So, when Bob Proctor sent me this quotation this morning, I knew I wanted to turn it into a mini-poster and put it on my wall. The quotation is: “It’s really …

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New Freebie Adventure

This is a freebie for anyone who’s interested.  No strings attached! Update: I’m having such fun sending out free, artsy/creative postcards to people, I’m creating new ones and sending them — at random — in batches of 20 – 100 per week. Card updates: The original (orange & purplish, “Your year to create!”) cards are …

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