Creativity Pocket Shrine

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This is my pocket shrine to creativity, in a matchbox

pocket shrine - create!

photo of pocket shrine

This pocket shrine started as a small, plain matchbox that I covered with plush black velvet and glittery purple silk ribbon.

The background image inside the box is a scan of a goddess figure, plus scans of my tubes of oil paint, reduced to fit the box. I added the word, “Create!” to the image, printed it and glued it in place. I also glued a small clear-ish piece of mica onto the image, for a bit of nature and depth.

Then I glued the same goddess figure I’d scanned for the background, into the box. Because she was designed as a charm or bead, I put a small jewel in the opening between her hands.

Also inside the box, I suspended an iridescent star on a thread. It swings freely when the shrine is displayed.

Outside the matchbox, I have a small dollhouse key, suggesting the “key” to creativity.

I also suspended a second goddess figure on a teal blue silk ribbon. She’s held in place with hot glue. The glue is very visible where it smooshed out onto the purple silk ribbon, but I don’t think it distracts enough from the shrine to try to remove it.

Closed, the matchbox measures two inches tall.

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