Focus, professionalism and clutter

Aisling's BlogLast night, I made a list of what I want to do in the life I’d like to lead. In order of importance: painting, travel, fabric art, and writing.

Then, I listed what I’d need for each. Okay, travel involves a ticket and throwing stuff into a suitcase. But everything else…

I was astonished to realize that I need the least stuff for painting, then for fabric art, and… well, my hoard of writing-related stuff is obscene. I can’t even list it all. I have boxes & boxes of cool articles and notes that I’m saving, “in case I ever write about this.”

Hello, that’s what a good library is for.

I also looked at all the sewing stuff that I own, with the idea that I’ll use it for fabric art someday. By contrast, when I was making quilts & wall hangings professionally, I’d buy a few bolts of fabric, use them up making quilts, give away the scraps, and then go buy more bolts… and the occasional accent fabric or two.

When I’m actively working in a field, professionally, I tend to use up everything that I own. I don’t keep clutter.

In fact, I’m currently reducing how much stuff I use for painting. I’m looking at the number of tubes of paint I use, and how many of those colors could be mixed from other colors that I own.

In other words, the more professional (and productive) I am in a field, the less clutter I own, related to it.

This is on the heels of spending a day and a half looking for my glue gun, to complete the project for Go-Make-Art.

It would have been better if I’d just tossed out the old glue gun and spent the $1.99 replacing it when I needed it again.

(Okay, that’d be wasteful. My point is, I own too much clutter when I can’t find my basic tools to produce art that I claim to be professional at.)

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