Free Coloring Pages from ‘Bold and Easy 4’

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Bold and Easy Coloring Pages 4 - coverOkay, I’m enthusiastic about coloring books.

And, I’ll admit I’ve been carried away by the success of my “Bold and Easy Coloring Pages” series.

This series has wider lines that are easier to see if someone has a vision challenge. And, in most cases, the coloring areas are larger. That makes them easier to color by anyone with dexterity issues like arthritis or difficulty holding a coloring pencil, marker, or crazy.

(The cover on this page shows the most complex coloring design in this book.)

They’re ideal for special education teachers, seniors with some disabilities, and anyone who wants a book that’s easier to see and has bigger areas to color.

But… last week, in my enthusiasm, I accidentally uploaded the wrong interior for “Bold and Easy Coloring Pages 4.” And, besides having designs I hadn’t planned to include in the final edition, one page actually had an error on it.

The word “embarrassed” doesn’t begin to describe how I felt when I made the discovery.

Fortunately, I found it so quickly, only one person had bought the book. (The book now selling at Amazon is the correct one.)

If you’re that one person who bought it, please contact me and tell me:  What country you purchased it in, when you bought it, and how much you paid.

In return, I’ll send you an Amazon gift certificate so you can replace that book, and buy another one of my coloring books (or anything else you’d like to use the certificate for).

Meanwhile, here are two free pages from the corrected edition of Bold and Easy Coloring Pages 4. Download, color, and share them!

Free sample 1Free sample 2

Here’s what they look like:

Sample 1Sample 2

6 thoughts on “Free Coloring Pages from ‘Bold and Easy 4’”

  1. Hi there- the links to the two free pages aren’t working, and I love to try them to see if I COULD color them (I’m severely disabled, with a tremor). Is there any way you could email them to me or magically make the links work again please? I’d love to find a coloring book I could *actually* do, and when I found yours on Amazon, I finally felt hopeful about it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Tonya! I have no idea what’s broken, and I apologize for the inconvenience. It may take me a few days to figure out what’s broken.

    Meanwhile, I’m emailing you some samples, right now.

  3. Hi again,
    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for responding! I’ve since lost the email you sent me, but wanted to let you know that both the physical therapist (a giant corp!) and the rehabilitation therapist I work with now recommend (and in particular instances for the PT group, kind of “prescribe”) your books for patients. And don’t worry, they aren’t making illegal copies of your hard work to hand out, they only give out links to buy, or help those unfamiliar or afraid of internet transactions to complete one (they understand your efforts and education and respect your copyrights!). They’ve actually been working to raise money for an “official” research study to prove your work (along with the works of a couple other artists driven to create for disabled, elderly, visually impaired and stroke recovery patients) therapeutically effective for regaining lost/deteriorated fine motor functionality… You know, so insurance companies would pay for the books?? Isn’t that wonderful!? And it’s all because you took time to respond to a comment from someone desperate to be able to enjoy coloring again. I can’t thank you enough for creating such books, but I’ve sure done my best by showing them to all my specialists who could utilize them (but only those that I know would respect your work and not violate your royalty rights). While I don’t have all of them yet, I’m sure I will at some point; they provide me and untold numbers of others with real happiness!

  4. Tonya, thank you SO much for posting this. I’m almost overwhelmed with gratitude, hearing how my books have helped others. This makes the work worthwhile, and… well, now I need to create more of these books. (If you have suggestions, let me know, and I’ll send you a free copy of whatever results.) Thanks again!

  5. HI! I own an adult day care center here in Miami, FL and many of our participants have difficulty as their vision is not very good. We found your free pages and tested them out with AMAZING SUCCESS!! So much so that we have now purchased your amazon book for our participants and will continue to use only yours!! THANK YOU!!

  6. Suzette, I am SO pleased! Feel free to return here with requests for future books… themes, improvements, and so on. I’m delighted when people enjoy my coloring books!

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