Holiday Crafts – Sale at Michaels

Affordable holiday wreath made with sale items from Michaels crafts store

What kind of holiday wreath can you create on a budget? If you have $3 – $5, you can buy a simple (undecorated) wreath at Michaels crafts stores, and decorate them with whatever you have on hand. Add another $5 (or so) and you can have a wreath that looks like the one above.

That’s one of Michaels’ $10 wreaths, currently on sale at $5. It’s big.

I also bought a pick of white flowers and a small vial of shiny ornaments – both at 50% off. The total cost, including Florida sales tax, was about $12.

I snipped the wires in the flowers so I could weave them into the wreath. (Yes, I’m going to move one of the flowers… it’s not quite where I’d like it.)

Then I hot-glued the ornaments in place.

It may not be my most creative or original wreath ever, but this year I’m focusing on handmade gifts for family, as well as my collage work. So, for the time and money, I’m pleased with this wreath, and wanted to share it with you.

Happy holidays, merry everything!

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