Free Articles

All of my original articles at are available under a Creative Commons license.

You can republish up to ten of my articles at your website, in your zine or magazine, or in a book, with the following conditions:

1. You cannot change anything in the article.

2. The article and any of my artwork that appears with it must include my name (as Aisling D’Art) and a link back to

3. If it’s an old, clearly outdated article, ask me to update it.

If you’d like to republish more than ten articles, contact me.  Most of the time, I’m happy to give permission… but please ask, first.

Also, if the articles feature artwork by others, they retain the copyrights to them and may not wish to share those images freely.  Ask me, if the article includes others’ artwork.

Creative Commons License
At this website, all articles by Aisling D’Art are licensed under a
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