Letterboxing – A Typical Day

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Here is a typical day of very active letterboxing, looking for three boxes in close proximity. I found two; one appeared to be missing. In other words, enjoy the hike and the location; it’s not just about finding boxes.

2006 update: All three of these boxes are probably missing now. Their clues are no longer online.

Sunday, 14 Apr 02: NH – Manchester, Durham, and Stratham/Greenland

  • Manchester, NHTombstone LetterboxI found this one fairly quickly. There are several wrong paths you could take, and only one right one of course. It’s in Valley Cemetery. It’s marginally okay in broad daylight on a weekend, but I wouldn’t recommend this location towards dusk if you’re alone. But, letterboxing is the most fun with a companion anyway.
    Valley Cemetery entrance

    Triple-decker across the street

    I was the first one to stamp in this letterbox book.

  • Durham, NHAdam’s Point Letterbox
  • I think I found the right location. It certainly matched the description. However, three of us searched high & low and didn’t find the letterbox.The hike in to the location is what made me pause and realize that letterboxing isn’t a timed race, and finding the hidden letterbox is just a small part of why this is such fun. So, although I was disappointed that we didn’t find the box, the hike was worthwhile.

    Hyde’s Bench (with lens flares)

    Water’s edge, at letterbox location(?)

  • Stratham/GreenlandSandy’s BoxThis one was a joy to find on a gloriously warm & sunny day. If you search for this letterbox, be certain to follow the directions exactly.

    I won’t spoil the fun by explaining more, but do exactly what the directions tell you, in sequence, or you’ll get confused. And, afterwards, explore the trails; it’s a fabulous location!

    oak tree near letterbox

[Note: I  may earn a commission if you purchase something I’ve linked to.]

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