Letterboxing in Salem, Massachusetts

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Letterboxing is a fabulous sport, and a worthwhile activity for families, Scouting groups, and homeschoolers, too.

If you’d like to know more about letterboxing, be sure to read my other letterboxing webpages, including easy tips for carving your own rubber stamps.

About my first Salem, MA letterbox

I planted this letterbox in 2002, at a beautiful park in Salem, near my home. In 2005, one person advised me that this box is missing; a later hiker said that she found it.

Since then, several people have said that the stamp is gone, and — after move than seven years — it probably is.


Because the park is in Salem, site of the famous “witch trials,” my stamp commemorated Briget Bishop, a victim of that hysteria.

These were the clues:

Briget Bishop letterbox – commemorating the first woman hung at the Salem “Witch” Trials.

Terrain: Mostly flat & paved, with one brief incline.
Clues: Very easy.
Notes: Watch for poison ivy and, atop the hill, there are some steep drops around the sides if a toddler or pet isn’t watchful.

Clues: Go to Forest River Park in Salem, Massachusetts. Hike back towards the public swimming pool. Climb the last hill on your right, before you reach the fence around the swimming pool.

Atop the hill, find the tree that survives although most of the interior of its trunk was burned out. Lean against the trunk, facing North. Take about eight (8) paces NW to a very slightly raised grassy mound.

When you’re standing on top that mound with your back to the burned-out tree and you’re amid several very young trees, look down to your left. Under a piece of wood, you’ll find your treasure.

Please be discreet, and be sure to replace the wood so the box is slightly obscured.

Remember that this was an easy box to find. If you don’t find it, it’s probably gone.

This is a fairly obvious letterbox in a very popular public setting. The illustration on the handcarved stamp didn’t turn out as I’d hoped. If this box has vanished, it won’t break my heart. It was just an excuse to visit a beautiful park and plant a letterbox.

This park has many features for children, two small beaches, swimming pools, and several spectacular views. Plan a picnic, but no charcoal fires and no alcohol are allowed at in the park. Pets allowed, on leash. The Salem 1630 Pioneer Village adjoins this park

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