Art Journaling – Make Your Own Magpie Journals

Art Journaling - Make your own magpie journals!

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What are magpie journals, in the art journaling community…?

Well, magpies are known for collecting all kinds of things, especially shiny objects… but that may be just a legend.

So, a “magpie journal” is an assortment of things you’ve collected, organized as (or in) a journal… or something journal-ish. I like to use that term loosely. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a “journal” if you say it’s a journal. No other rules apply.

Magpie journals are especially fun.

  • They may be random or themed.
  • They can be entirely paper, or mixed media, and include random objects.
  • Items can be glued, sewn, clipped, or collaged to your pages. (There are no limits.)
  • Don’t want to attach the item? Can’t attach it? Some items could be in pockets or fold-outs.

The earliest magpie journals I could find were from a 2012 Swap-bot swap.

Magpie Journals, in Videos

Here’s a video from 2013. It’s about 7 minutes long and it’s of one of those early, Swap-bot magpie journals. You’ll get the idea in the first few minutes. It’s by Diane Baker-Williams.


Next, take a look at this 2-minute video by Wishfulkelly, and it’s described as a smash book / glue book / Magpie journal. It’s a very quiet video, with music playing faintly in the background. It’s fun.


Another video I’d shared was by Paula Foerder… but she’s made it private. * sigh and pout *  I’m leaving the link here because I thought her video was SO inspiring. Maybe she’ll allow you to see it? Link:

Next, Elizabeth Metz (Conifer Crow) creates “magpie bundles,” which are mixed media journals you can leave as-is, or take apart, embellish, and add to. The following is a 6-minute video showing one of her smaller bundles. (This one has already sold.)

I like this video as a starting point, to imagine my own mixed-media magpie journals.


Also, you’ll find lots of inspiration at Theresa Mask’s Magpie Journal Pinterest board.

Free Magpie Clipart

If you’d like to create your own magpie journal, here’s a sheet of printable clipart to get you started. It was created at 300 dpi, which means you could probably enlarge the pictures to double their size (at 150 dpi) and they might look fine.

The original is black & white. If you print it on heavy paper, you could color it with paint, pens, colored pencils, etc.

I’ve tried to place the images far enough apart that you can cut each one out (or tear it out) to use in collage.

To download, click on the picture
or use this link:
(You can share that link, too. It’s a PDF at Google Drive.)

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