Musing Over Chicken Bones

Aisling's BlogI just learned that, if you soak chicken bones in vinegar for three days, they become flexible. [use #10, here]

Now, I’m wondering if you rinse and dry them, do they become rigid again? Would baking them help? Hmm…

If that works, can you bend the bones into weird and wonderful shapes, and let them set that way, for jewelry? I have no idea, but it sounds cool.

Taking it a step further, can you bleach them and carve on them, scrimshaw style? Will this work for other inexpensive bones that I can ask for at the meat counter of the grocery store?

This is how an artist’s brain works, sometimes. Will I ever actually test these theories? Maybe. Probably not. So, I’m sharing them with you, just in case they spark your creativity.

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