Old Site Pages – Removed

Preparing for a late-2018 overhaul of this website, I’ve deleted the old Aisling.net pages… the ones from 1999 – 2006 (or so).

There were hundreds of them, and many were duplicates of articles at this (far newer) version of the site.

Google wasn’t happy with the duplicates, as well as the many broken links on those old pages. Google planned to de-list this site altogether.

My reaction: No. No-no-no! I’ve put too much time into this site to let that happen.

I started to fix all the links. Then I realized: I’m going to change everything later in 2018, anyway. (Well, not everything. I’m just replacing all the old HTML pages with newer versions, here.)

So, yes, the old pages are now gone. Until the 2018 updates, you may run into some broken links and missing graphics. I apologize.

2 thoughts on “Old Site Pages – Removed”

    1. Thanks! And the way that I knew was that Google sent me an email, warning me. I’m glad they did, instead of just removing my site from their listings.

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