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Aisling D'ArtIf you’re seeing this page, there’s a broken link at my site, or somewhere related, online.*

If you’ve landed here from my old website (the pages with “htm” at the end of the link), click on the header graphic above. That will take you to my newer website’s homepage, http://Aisling.net.

If you’re looking for more of my old artist’s journals, my illustrated diaries from around 2000 – 2004, some of them are integrated into my how-to pages about art + journaling.

The rest will be restored here, in page-by-page format, in 2018.

If you’re looking for how-to info about creating your own artist’s journal, some of my ideas and tips are at ArtistsJournals.com.

Otherwise, use the Search form in the sidebar of this page. Or, just click on topics that might interest you.

*I’ve been online since around 1995, when I began posting my daily life on websites (starting at GeoCities), long before “blogs” became popular. So, some really old links exist, all across the Internet.

In addition, people have linked to my website for decades, and some of their links aren’t quite current.

It’s all part of the ebb-and-flow of being online.

I’m glad you’re interested in my website, and I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you don’t, use the Contact form to let me know what’s missing.