A Sports Bra Built Like Fort Knox – Review

If you’re looking for a bra that’s solidly constructed with support that could inspire bridge designs, this is that bra. It’s built like Fort Knox. And it has a whiff of sci-fi, so – if you’re daring – you could probably wear this to a club.


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This is a well-constructed bra made from very nice materials. The workmanship is top-notch. The designers definitely put a lot of thought into this bra, and chose an ideal, silky, breathable fabric for it, as well.

But… from the moment I opened the package, this wasn’t what I was expecting. A little criss-cross is fine, or even cute. But (in my opinion) this looks very sci-fi, which could be a good thing, if that’s your taste. Or if you have very flamboyant style. (Me…? My idea of a delightful bra is kind of retro… like old-school Brigitte Bardot’s lacy numbers.)

Trying this bra on, the zipper is a little tricky to get started if you’d fully separated it. I’m pretty sure it’s something I’d get used to and not even think about, after I’d worn it regularly. But – for me anyway – it wa a challenge.

The fabric is synthetic but sleek. It feels luxurious and surprisingly breathable. That’s something I really liked.

However, though I’d measured my rib cage and bust, and – based on that and my usual bra size (42 B) – I ordered an XX-Large, like the chart on the Amazon page showed.

When I tried it on… No, there is no way that was going to be comfortable. With effort, I could zip up the front. And – wowza – this bra gave me cleavage. Seriously, I could tuck my front door house key into that crease, and it’d be totally secure. Wouldn’t budge a millimeter.

But, at some point, I’d need to breathe… and that wasn’t possible in this bra. Not really.

Little gasps…? Sure.

Deep breaths, like when the waiter brings that fragrant, magnificent, deep-dish pizza to the table…? No way. Not possible in this bra.

Bottom line, this is a pretty well-designed bra for those who want over-the-top styling. (Pun intended.) The fabric is soft and comfortable.

The construction is solid with lots of criss-cross straps that give it a unique sense of style. In fact, it could probably be worn, as-is, with nothing over it, if you’re going to a club where flamboyance rules.

If that sounds like exactly what you’d love to wear, my recommendation is to order a size larger than you think you’ll need.

Find it here at Amazon: Yvette Women’s Sports Bra

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