The Best Rollerball Pen, Ever – Beiluner

This luxury pen lives up to Beiluner’s stellar reputation. It’s the caviar of rollerball pens, and – for me (a dedicated fountain pen enthusiast) – that’s saying a lot. Writing with it is unlike any rollerball pen I’ve ever used.

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This is my new favorite pen for jotting notes. It’s lovely to hold. The finish on it is flawless. The ink flows smoothly and almost effortlessly.

Yes, I’m delighted with this pen, almost beyond words. (Obviously, I’m still able to gush over it in a review.)

If it’s possible to have a crush on a pen company, Beiluner would be on that very brief list. Even before this pen arrived, I knew I’d love it.

Now that it’s here, this pen has actually exceeded my expectations.

And, as someone who generally prefers fountain pens, that’s saying a lot.

Ordinarily, I’m not a fan of rollerball pens. If a rollerball is most practical for the setting – a class or workshop where I’m taking steady notes – I usually buy an okay-but-not-great, disposable rollerball pen.

Well, this pen changed my views, immediately.

As soon as the tip of this Beiluner pen touched the paper, the ink flowed smoothly and with a sense of elegance.

Yes, the pen design helps. The 24k gold against absolutely perfect black enamel… it’s dazzling.

All I can say is: If you’re ho-hum about rollerball pens, try this Beiluner. I’m confident that you’ll change your mind, as I did. (You’ll never go back to budget pens. Really.)

This pen comes in a lovely box, with an ink refill (also nicely packaged), as I’d expected from Beiluner. They deliver quality every time.

Will this rollerball pen edge out my preference for fountain pens…?

For many writing tasks, I think this will. Five stars on every point (no pun intended), and this is the kind of pen you’ll keep forever and enjoy every time you write with it. Or, if you’re like me, even glance at it.

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