Best Heavy-Duty Portable Tripod – Review

If you need a sturdy, portable tripod that will hold a 26-pound camera or a pochade box, this is it.  It’s not elegant but it is well-designed. Definitely a good quality tripod.

Amazon link: SmallRig heavy-duty tripod for art & photography (sponsored)


This is the sturdiest, heaviest, most professional tripod I’ve ever owned, and I love it.

It arrives fully assembled and ready to use. It has more features and possible adjustments than most tripods.

The weight of it helps, because it can support a heavy camera or – in my case, as an artist – a fully-loaded pochade box. (A pochade is a wooden box that can hold tubes of paint and an easel, and – on a support like an tripod – becomes an artist’s easel for painting outdoors.)

For camera use, the weight of this means I can place my heavy-ish DSLR camera on the tripod and then tilt the camera at a quirky angle… and the tripod won’t fall over.

Everything about this tripod is top-quality. It even includes a nylon carrying bag that’s made of more sturdy fabric than I’d expected.

If you need a tripod that will support a lot of weight without toppling over, even at an extreme angle or in brisk winds, this is what you’re looking for.

Find it here at Amazon: SmallRig heavy-duty tripod for art & photography

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