The House Plant Book, by Terrain

Go far beyond the everyday houseplants, and bring the grounding and magnificence of Nature into your home. I had NO idea so many exotic plants can be grown, indoors. Wonderful!


Amazon link: Terrain: The Houseplant Book: An Insider’s Guide to Cultivating and Collecting the Most Sought-After Specimens (sponsored)


This book is an unexpected delight. I thought I knew a lot about houseplants… until – thanks to this book – I discovered the marvelous and myriad plants I can bring into my home.

This book goes far beyond the usual houseplants, and into realms of natural beauty I didn’t know existed. Not indoors. Not in plants I can grow, easily, bringing a deeper sense of calm to my home.

In natural settings, like forests, plants have always seemed very… well, “grounding” is the best word I can think of, and it applies on every level: Permanence, timelessness, and that “all is right with the world” sense that Nature provides.

But, until I read this book, I didn’t realize how much of that I could embrace in my home, and the incredibly beautiful world that can be introduced to everyday life, often quite easily.

I’m profoundly grateful to authors Melissa Lowrie and the Terrain plan team for the information – insights, tips, and gorgeous photos – in this book.

It’s given me an entirely fresh, different way to look at bringing nature, beauty, and a deep sense of calm into my home. Thank you!

Find it here at Amazon: Terrain: The Houseplant Book

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