Soft cotton bath mat

Plush Cotton Bath Mat – Comfy!

I never thought I’d rave about a bath mat, but this one – because it’s cotton – feels so much nicer than past mats, I can’t NOT talk about how nice it is.

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This bath mat is fun, fresh, and colorful. It’s a nice size, and feels oh-so-comfy under your feet.

It’s very slip-proof, with a somewhat clingy, rubber surface underneath.

The cotton fibers are amazingly comfortable. Even refreshing. I could stand on this, all day, in my bare feet and love every moment of that texture.

At first, I was a little disappointed. I thought the mat’s fibers were shorter than some bath mats I’ve owned. And maybe they are. That’s how they look, anyway. But my first impression was: it’s not as spring-y as my previous bath mat.

Then I tried it. After a few showers, I’m still astonished. Almost as soon as I step onto this mat, my feet are dry. No slipping around on the tile floor of our bathroom!

Also, those shorter fibers are actually a big plus, because – in a humid climate, or a bathroom that doesn’t air-out quickly – this mat dries fast and completely, so there’s no risk of mold or mildew.

For me, that’s a major improvement over past bath mats.

This is my new favorite bath mat, and it may be the best one I’ve ever owned.

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