Portable Studio Photo Light Box

If you’re photographing small-to-medium items – food, artwork, flowers, etc. – this is the most wonderful, professional-grade light box. Even better, it’s super-portable and easy to use.

Amazon link: Neewer Portable Studio Photo Light Box (sponsored)


I’d expected a lot from this. After all, the Neewer brand is almost synonymous with astonishingly superb quality. When I had the chance to order this, I did so… and with a touch of glee.

But, even with such high expectations, this light box dazzled me (pun intended) because it has SO many useful features!

As an artist and journalist, I take a lot of photos of products, including things that I buy (and review) as well as art that I create.

So, a light box seemed like something I should own.

When it arrived, I was… well, “astonished” doesn’t go far enough. This light box is amazingly well-designed.

First of all, it sets up in minutes. I didn’t even need to look at the instructions. (It also folds back down, easily, to a size that’s easy to carry and – on location – fits in my smallest art carryall.)

Then, the (included) various color inserts cover a wonderful array of shades for different photo projects.

Sample photo using Neewer light boxThe light is infinitely adjustable, from dim to bright.

And then there are the camera options:

  • I can photograph from overhead.
  • Or from the front through a good-sized opening.
  • Or I can drop the front panel altogether, to photograph something larger (albeit with less reflected light).

I’ve attached a photo that I took spontaneously, just to see how this light box works. (I’m currently working with Yes Paste, for my collage art, so that was at hand.)

As you can see, even with the grey background and no planning at all, the product looks great. The lighting provided the exact emphasis I wanted, as well.

For me, this is at least a five-star product. I didn’t know how much I needed this for my work, but – apparently – Neewer read my mind and created the perfect light box.

Find it here at Amazon: Neewer Portable Studio Photo Light Box

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