Remodelista: The Low Impact Home – Book Review

More than redecorating, this book is a doorway to a happier, exhilarating, greener lifestyle. For me, this was an abrupt awakening to what we can do in our home, adding delicious details and flair.

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I thought this book would be another tome about cute, green-ish redecorating. Maybe offer a few fresh ways to look environmentally aware… without actually committing to it.

Or, it might have been one of those books I find inspiring, but presenting lifestyle changes that I don’t have time for, or can’t afford, or both.


I was very wrong.

This book opens the door to the life I’d love to live… but didn’t know that I could. And how simple (and often very affordable) those changes can be.

Yes, some of this book covers “someday” projects, like the totally different house I’d love to own. A house that goes beyond “oh, isn’t that nice” to “this is calm AND magnificent AND simple… all at the same time!”

You’ll see the big, complete picture. You’ll also see room-by-room, step-by-step ways to reinvent your life where you are and with what you have. The pages of “strategies to steal” offer easy, simple changes as well as many where I gasped and said, “Wow! I didn’t know that existed!”

After just starting to read this book, my husband and I are already discussing how accessible these green (and wonderful) changes can be, for our everyday life. And we’re rethinking the kind of home – and environment – that will be both healthy and inspiring, every day.

I’ve always chuckled and did a bit of an eye-roll when people talk about a book as “lifechanging,” but – really – this is that kind of book.

If you aspire to a fresh start, in small or large ways, to live a more inspired, revitalized, and greener life… get this book. As soon as you start flipping through its pages, a new – and accessible – world may open to you.


Find it here at Amazon: Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home

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