Altered Books – Examples

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, when the subject was new, I taught classes about altered books.

I showed a variety of ways to treat covers, bindings, and pages in books, especially to use them as art journals.

However, I soon realized that my students became most excited when I showed them how to cut openings in books.  Those openings could be filled with art of all kind, including shrines and assemblages.

So, catching their enthusiasm, I added altered books to my art shrines classes… and stopped trying to demonstrate them as journals.

The following images are from my earlier altered books classes, before cutting-openings-in-books became an art shrines workshop.

My favorite altered book page may be “Generations.”  It shows images of my family — ancestors and my own photos — and reminders of my heritage always make me smile.

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Leprechaunspart of title page




Poe shrine/altered book

Gold front