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Do you need to change a Yahoo Group moderator or owner? Here are step-by-step instructions.

I’ve started around 20 (or more?) Yahoo Groups, including AJmarketing, wildartdolls, and ArtistsJournals2 (AJ2, now WAJ2).  When they become too popular for me to manage, I generally turn them over to new owners and moderators.

So, when people need to change Yahoo Groups moderators or ownership, they often ask me how to do this.  Here’s my reply:

Here’s how to switch moderators/owners at any Yahoo group:

1. The current moderator/owner goes into the list of members.  That’s accessed by clicking “Members” in the left column at the Yahoo Groups page.  See the long, tall graphic at right.

2. Click on “Edit membership” under the name of the person who will be the new moderator/owner.  (See the second illustration, below.)

3. Click on “Change to owner” … or “Change to moderator” if that’s more appropriate.

4. If the person is simply being appointed as a moderator, the owner will assign privileges in the next screen… how much the new moderator is allowed to do, that affects the entire group.  (For example, unless the moderator is trusted, the owner might not want to give him or her permission to delete the entire group.)

5. Click “Make moderator” or “Make owner” at the foot of the page.  At the next screen, if you’re back at the individual’s membership screen, click “Save changes”. (That’s important.)

6. The new moderator/owner will receive notice of the change, and may have to reply that it’s okay.

7. If the old moderator/owner is leaving, he or she will go to his (or her) own membership page in that group, and select “Make member.”  Be sure to save the changes similarly to what you did in step 5, above.

8. If the old moderator/owner is leaving the group, he or she will then choose “Leave  group” at the group’s homepage. (There may be a similar option at the membership page.  Either one will work.)

That should do it!

[Note: I  may earn a commission if you purchase something I’ve linked to.]

4 thoughts on “Yahoo Groups – changing moderators”

  1. Here’s our problem. Our group Owner left town due to the foreclosure process on her home. no one can find her, not the mortgage company or her creditors. We have neighbors lined up wanting to join our neighborhood Yahoo group and there is no Owner/Moderator to let her in. We want to set up 2 new Moderators in the vent one leaves. Any way that can be done? We have 93 members now with 26 more wanting to join.

  2. My church yahoo group is trying to add me as a moderator, but it is not working correctly. I get the email notification that a message is pending to approve/reject, but generally when I follow the link it says there are no messages pending. We’re still doing some testing, but I might be able to approve/reject replies to messages, but not original messages. Any ideas to help?

  3. Contact Yahoo. Really, I have no idea what’s going on with Yahoo, and — like you — I receive messages that make no sense. * sigh *

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