For many of us, creativity is like breathing… it’s natural. And essential.

You and I want to express who we are.

At this website, you’ll discover fun ways to do that, exploring your unique creativity, even if you can’t draw a stick figure.

Here are some of my 250+ articles at this site…

She's Back - torn-paper collage by Aisling D'Art / eibhlin

She’s Back – Torn Paper Collage

Sometimes, plans go awry. This collage… Well, it was intended as an 8″ x 10″ work, so the support I started with was 8.5″ x 11″. But, as I kept working, it grew. The collage elements include images leftover from a piece I worked on, yesterday. The woman at the top of the art is … Continue reading "She’s Back – Torn Paper Collage"

Art journaling with complex and detailed elements

Art Journaling Ideas – Complex and Detailed (Video)

Looking for some fresh ideas to add depth to your art journaling projects? This video will inspire you. It includes lots… and lots… and LOTS of ideas! Color. Texture. Paper, tapes, ribbons, and more. Wheeee! Yes, this kind of mixed-media art can seem overwhelming to a beginner. Even for an experienced artist, this can feel … Continue reading "Art Journaling Ideas – Complex and Detailed (Video)"

Art Journaling with Resist

Art Journaling? Resist! A Sneaky Way to Add Excitement

Are you looking for an easy – and somewhat sneaky – way to add more excitement to your art journaling? The answer may be: RESIST! In art journaling, “resist” is a way to keep paint – and some other products – from sticking to the page. Other terms for this include: mask, masking fluid, and … Continue reading "Art Journaling? Resist! A Sneaky Way to Add Excitement"

Art Journaling Inspiration - Vintage Diaries video

Art Journaling Inspiration – Vintage Diaries (Video)

This 25-minute video shows a variety of old-fashioned diaries. Delicious inspiration! https://youtu.be/iBwmCMbDyjU

Keri Smith videos - guerilla art kit

Guerilla Art Kit and Other Journaling Ideas – Keri Smith

Keri Smith broke the mold when she first published her “Wreck This Journal” journals. She’s still a great inspiration, whether you’re a beginner or a long-time scrapbooker or art journalist. If you’re not familiar with Keri’s art & philosophy, this video may be a good place to start. It’s about 3 minutes long. https://youtu.be/EQpoDWSHby0 If … Continue reading "Guerilla Art Kit and Other Journaling Ideas – Keri Smith"

Art journaling - making the everyday different

Art Journaling – Making the Everyday Different

Would you like to sketch in your art journal or scrapbook, but need some ideas? This short (under two minutes) video is in German – with subtitles in English – and it may give you a fresh outlook. Mr. Scheinberger talks about sketching art materials that may be at your elbow, but changing their size … Continue reading "Art Journaling – Making the Everyday Different"