My New Favorite Art Desk – Review

As an artist with a bazillion projects “in progress,” a worktable like this is a game-changer. I may get one for my kitchen and another for my home office. It’s that good.


  • + Surface is lightly textured, just enough so nothing sticks to it. Great for art projects!
  • + Height is adjustable from close to the floor to above my shoulders (at 5′ 7″).
  • – Challenging to assemble, but directions are nice and clear… just intricate (but worth the time).
  • + Useful in the kitchen, office, studio, garage, and probably more.

Amazon link: Adjustable Height Desk/Table (sponsored)


Here’s my review:

Wow, this desk is exceptionally nice!

It’s solidly made with high-quality parts. It weighs over 60 pounds.

It’s also large. Larger than my past desks. Since I’ll use this for working on art journals and collages, that extra space is glorious. I can spread out ALL of my art supplies, so they’re within easy reach, and I never feel crowded.

Likewise, the surface of the desk – slightly textured so it holds items nicely – is very even, despite the fact that it comes in two pieces. Those two pieces fit together flawlessly, and don’t splay, even when I lean on the desk to reach something at the far corner of it.

The surface is easy to wipe clean, too. Absolutely perfect!

My husband spent an hour assembling this desk. The instructions are well illustrated, and outlined with step-by-step directions. Work slowly and logically and you’ll be fine.

Tip: When connecting the long, horizontal rod that’s central to the motorized height adjuster, insert the hex-shaped end of the rod (at the non-motor end), first. Then, turn that rod gently so the other end meshes with its counterpart next to the motor.

The infinitely variable height of the desk surface is impressive. At its highest point, it’s almost shoulder height, and I’m 5’7″.

At its lowest, it might be ideal as a desk for children. In-between, I think this desk is what many of us have been looking for. It can be the “perfect height” – or at least close to it – whether you use this desk in your office, workshop, or studio.

I wish I’d found this years ago. I’d have spent far less time hunched over a too-short desk, and – at the other end of the spectrum – I wouldn’t have had to find the right assortment of chair cushions when a desk was too tall.

For me, this is a “Goldilocks” desk. Not too tall, not too short… just right! 🙂

Find it here at Amazon: Adjustable height desk/table (And yes, if you see my review there… I know that’s not a great look for me. I’ll probably make another video when I have more time.)

Petallush Pencils… Wow!

Five starsI’ve never seen anything like these pencils. Really.

In the graphic below, I used just ONE pencil to color everything. (Okay, I colored the yellow stars with a brush marker, but that’s the ONLY other coloring tool I used.)

Petallush pencils review

It’s not a mechanical pencil with lots of leads in it. It’s an actual, hard-lead pencil… but the lead in it is multi-colored.

As I’m writing this, the set is just $7.99 for 12 pencils. However, all the pencils seem to be identical. And each has the same kind of multi-colored lead.

To get the different colors, you just turn the pencil slightly as you’re coloring.

Yes, that’s it.

I’m astonished and kind of delighted. I can carry just ONE pencil with me – and a pencil sharpener – and use it for sketching and art journaling in lots of different colors.

Tips for the best results

  • Keep sharpening the pencil to get the maximum range of colors as you’re coloring. (The set comes with a little pencil sharpener, but I used my trusty Xacto brand sharpener… the inexpensive manual kind.)
  • Turn the pencil very slowly to get the colors you want. It may take some practice to see just where your chosen color needs to be, in relation to the paper you’re coloring on.

I’m definitely in love with this pencil set. But do I really need 12 of them…? I think this one will last me a very long time.

I may go outside when kids are coming home from school, and hand out most of the other 11 pencils in this set.

Click here for the Petallush Colored Pencil Set at Amazon.

Also, if you’d like to color the same stars-and-swirls coloring page I created, click the little image of it, immediately below, for the printable (b&w) PDF.

Rainbow colors divider

Here’s the official Amazon link. Clicking it should take you to the Petallush pencils page.

120 Colored Pencils by Kalour – Review

This week, I tested a set of 120 colored pencils, sent to me by Kalour (via Amazon).

My initial impression was, “Wow! That’s a LOT of pencils in one small container.”

I almost expected them to be skinny, tiny pencils.

They weren’t. They’re full-sized, and come pre-sharpened.

The range of colors is impressive. Warm colors, cool colors, brights, muted tones, lights, darks… everything.

The leads are firm but not super-hard like some cheap brands. I’d rank these in the middle: somewhat hard but soft enough to give good coverage and blend well.

Kalour penciles reviewI tested them by coloring pages from two of my own coloring books.

First, one from my coloring book, Relaxing Country Scenes (a Rose Meadows book):

Garden scene from Relaxing Country Scenes coloring book

Then, one from one of my hippie-style coloring books:

Hippie swirls colored with colored pencils

As you can see, these colors are vivid and – even though I was coloring in front of the TV (watching the U.S. season finale of “Big Brother” 2022) – the pages turned out pretty well.

While I love-love-love Prismacolor’s soft leads, this Kalour set – especially for the price – is the perfect addition to my collection of coloring pencils.

Oh, I won’t keep storing them in the round, tube-style container. They’re a little difficult to manage in such a small space. Instead, I’ll put them in a clear plastic box or two or three. (After all, there are 120 full-sized pencils in this set, and I’ll probably group them by color.)

I’m giving this set four stars. It’s a good, high-quality set for a remarkably low price, especially for 120 pencils. Recommended!

Click here to see these pencils at

Finding Creative Time & Space

Lost your artistic mojo? Not sure if you’re a “real artist”?

It’s time to get back in touch with your creativity.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and curl up with this video.

Rice (said “REE-suhh”) Freeman-Zachery is a long-time friend and a continual inspiration. She’s found myriad ways to build her successful art career.

All you need is one good idea to spark your interest, or even your enthusiasm.

Listen to Rice’s Google talk about creativity. She says some very important things.

If you like her message, check out her book on this topic. It inspired me and helped me find more time for art.

Creative Time & Space, by Rice Freeman-Zachery