Aisling D'Art
My hand-drawn icon from around 1998.

At this site, you’ll find mixed media art, including:

  • art journaling
  • scrapbooking
  • drawing
  • painting
  • coloring pages
  • decorating
  • torn paper collages
  • digital art
  • and… Well, you get the idea.  Lots of creativity.

I’m Aisling D’Art, and this website – Aisling.net – has been online since… well, practically forever.


Okay, it started in the 1990s at GeoCities’ Soho community, back in the Stone Age of the ye olde Interwebs.

My earliest online works were paintings of sunrises, and my torn-paper collages.

Since then, I’ve posted hundreds of articles, mostly how-to ideas with some examples.

All of my articles are about making art (mostly related to art journaling) and living a creative life.

Recent-ish changes

AislingIn 2020, I decided to reorganize this site and relaunch it. But, even with others’ help, it seemed too daunting. So, I put it to one side.

Then, on my (September 2022) birthday, I realized: As the slogan says, just do it.

Juggling various projects, I’m updating a bunch of my art-related articles. Adding graphics you can actually see, even on a phone.

I’m also integrating articles from ArtistsJournals.com, because… well, I’m still not sure why – over two decades ago – I decided to spin-off that topic. (Really, art journaling has been central to my life and most of my personal art.)

For nearly two decades, this site was my main digital “home.”

And, even ~25 years later, I love that I can return here and – within seconds – I’m smiling.

A lot.

I’m having fun re-energizing this site. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

About my name…

The reason I launched this site as “Aisling D’Art” was because – in the early days of the Internet – not many women were online.  It wasn’t smart to use your real name. “Aisling” is a family name, and has significance in Irish history. The D’Art surname gave me a sense of privacy. And then, I realized “Aisling D’Art” suited me, so I’ve adopted it in real life, too.