Aisling D'Art
Hello and welcome to my slightly quirky review site.

I’m Aisling, and I’m an artist and author… generally, I’m a creative and kind of a geek. (I also aspire to be stylish. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it’s “what was she thinking…?” lol )

I’ve been online since the 1990s, and seen the Internet develop and – with that – the online marketplace for shoppers.

That’s why I’ve created this website: To share my honest reviews of products and services you can purchase online.

Generally, I try to focus on the very best about a product or service. However, if something is “meh,” you’ll see that in my reviews, too. (These reviews may be slightly different from the ones I post at the sellers’ sites. There, I try to be consistently positive… when I can, anyway.)

Important: I tend to be creative with how I use some products. I may even think of a slightly offbeat way of using it – not its main, recommended purpose – and my alternative purpose may be the “ah-HA!” insight you needed.

For example, when I reviewed the portable sewing machine, I wasn’t thrilled with how lightweight it was for significant home sewing. It’s plastic. It clatters. It feels… kind of weird.

However, I could recommend it for toting to mixed media crafts workshops where you’ll do “lite” sewing.

Personally, my life is about family, art, writing, and a whole lot of Disney. I grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts, I’ve lived all over the U.S., and traveled regularly to fascinating places here and abroad.

I’m happily married (20 years, so far) and have wonderful children, too, so I’m smiling everyday.

To sellers and manufacturers: I do not accept cash compensation for my reviews. If you’re hoping to highlight your product/s at online retailers, talk with Amazon about their Vine program, or Walmart about their Spark community. (There may be other programs, but those are two I’ve heard about. Many of my products come from Vine but I’m not in Spark and don’t plan to be.)


General Disclaimer:

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Product reviews:

For product reviews, Aisling has purchased the above product for review purposes or may have received one or more of the products or services mentioned above – free of charge – by the company.

This has no affect on my reviews. Here and at sites such as Amazon, I try to be as honest as possible.

Sponsored reviews and references:

I do not accept payment, except in-kind (as free products or services), for my reviews and recommendations.

Should that change, I will always make that cash sponsorship clear with statements such as “[company] has kindly sponsored this post” and I will always insist on being honest (or even blunt) about the pros & cons of the product or service.

My integrity is not for sale.


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