Real, Exotic and Foreign-looking Stamps

These are a few stamps from my own collection of inexpensive, international postage stamps. They are “real” stamps, used on mail.

I like them because they look exotic and/or old, and I gather ideas from them.

I’m providing them as inspiration. You can copy* them, tweak them with your own color and design ideas, or… well, you decide!

Want to see more cool and unusual stamps?

I recommend The Mystery Box, a philatelists’ site.


*No stamps at this site — “real” or artistamps — should be copied or used illegally.

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2 thoughts on “Real, Exotic and Foreign-looking Stamps”

  1. When I came over to Real, Exotic and Foreign-looking Stamps | I can only look at part of it, is this my net browser or the web web site? Should I reboot? Cheers Naomi Wells

  2. Hi Naomi,

    No, you’re not lost. It’s the website redesign that’s the problem, for now.

    This week, we’re moving the entire site to a new server. That can cause headaches on its own but — long term — this should make it easier to improve navigation and load time.

    Thanks for visiting!


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