Another Journey – Mixed Media Collage

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Yesterday, when we arrived home after lots of errands, I felt like I needed to create another collage in my daily series.

The problem was, I was tired and cranky, and in perfectionist mode as I worked.

I think it turned out pretty well, despite how much I got in my own way.

Another Journey collage - 5 Nov 2022

I knew I wanted something that was a segue connecting to yesterday’s collage, the Journey one. So, I used another 1853 dictionary page.

This one focused on the word “Expedition,” which I’d planned to use – as a bold, text word from a travel brochure – but abandoned that bit of paper part-way through this process.

Nevertheless, that word is the entry below the word “Journey” on the right page of this two-page art journaling collage.

Over that page is the Hogwarts train from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. That’s among our favorite attractions at that park… though we didn’t go there nearly as often as we visited Walt Disney World.

Next to that is a bit of shell – mother-of-pearl – from a recent stroll along nearby Fortunes Rocks Beach (Kennebunkport, Maine).

The feather on the facing page is also from there, also creating continuity with the previous collage in this series.

The stairway is about travel but – more importantly – internal transformation… rising above where we’ve been in the past. And, again, I highlighted that with another “Journey” word at the top of that stairway.

Finally the vintage-looking bits came from a few resources.

I intend to review all of those resources, separately… as soon as I have time. (Something I say often, but don’t always follow-through with. Oops.)

I like this collage. It’s about travel – time and space – as well as rising above… finding where our next adventures will take us.

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