The Journey – Mixed Media Collage

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Earlier this week, I decided it’s time to resume daily collages. That’s when I created this collage:

Small Journal - first collage

The next day, trying to work on another mixed media collage, I realized that the art/studio side of my home office was a mess.

Okay, maybe not a total mess, but I needed to create order and space to then create my art “in flow.”

That led to rearranging everything in my home office.

Three times. Over two days. (It had to be “just so.”)

Today, I decided it’s time to resume this project. Get back in the habit of daily collages. (And yes, it really is a habit. In some ways, an effortless one, but – right now – it’s essential to carve out time and mental space for it.)

Here’s what resulted:

This started with the word “play.” It’s on the page from an 1853 dictionary, on the right side of this two-page spread.

Note: The dictionary was coverless and in rough shape when I found it at a flea market. Giving that book’s pages fresh life in art seemed right.

Next, I took the word “Plan” and pasted it just above the dictionary entry for “play.” Meaning: I need to plan to play. Not “planning” in an excruciating, controlled way, but just create an opening in my daily schedule… for play.

After that, there’s the torn image of a set of chairs at a table. I wanted the image split, like someone had pushed back from the table. Making a different choice.

So, the word “escape” made sense, as well.

The photo is my own, taken at a pond in Maine. Over it, the feather came from a walk along Fortunes Rocks Beach, near Kennebunkport, Maine.

The finishing elements were the blossom and the word “Journey,” which inspired the title of this piece.

Materials used in this mixed media collage (Links will take you to Amazon.)

  • One of 21 notebooks in a travel journaling set.
  • A page from an 1853 dictionary.
  • Bits of paper – photos and words – mostly from travel and tourism brochures & booklets.
  • A feather found nearby, at Fortunes Rocks Beach (Maine).
  • Yes! paste, used in all of my recent collages.

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