ATC – Spalding Inn, NH

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Spalding Inn, Whitefield, NH - ATC by Aisling D'ArtThe subject of this pen & ink ATC is the Spalding Inn. I’m not entirely sure why that hotel fascinates me, but it does.

My husband and I have stayed there several times.

And it helps that my uncle and his wife used to vacation there. There’s a sense of heritage, I guess.

But… I don’t know.  It’s more than that.

The Spalding seemed a logical subject for an ATC.  It’s the final ATC in this series of six, and obviously the most detailed.  (The previous ATC, displaying a rose, led up to it.)

Though this country hotel has a charming history and – supposedly – a few great ghost stories, it’s not actually associated with UFOs.

The reason I put a flying saucer in this ATC is because the Spalding Inn is along the flight path described by America’s first known alien abductees, Betty & Barney Hill… and I wanted something interesting in the sky.  (The design of the card is based on my fine art painting of the Spalding Inn.)

The Spalding Inn is located in Whitefield, New Hampshire.  It’s near Mount Washington, and it’s generally in a perfect location for exploring the White Mountains.

As of 2019, and perhaps earlier, the hotel closed when its previous owners sold it. I think a local company bought it, but I’m not sure.

That also makes it a great location for any artist to set up an easel and paint, en plein air. From any spot on the hotel’s property, there are amazing views in any direction… all year ’round.

You can download a free, printable copy (at 150 dpi) of this Spalding Inn ATC by clicking on the image above, or by clicking here.

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