Journals as Story Bibles

When I’m not working on art, I’m usually researching and writing books.  Well, that or baking bread or cookies… or indulging in a movie or a TV series like Downton Abbey. 

Anyway, as I was cruising through some Google+ communities I’m in, I saw a link to journaling as a way to build a book.  (Specifically, she’s talking about a novel, but I’m sure this could be adapted to nonfiction, as well.)

If this idea interests you, the best place to start is here:

Writing in a journalCreating a Story Bible: The Basics

“Writing a novel isn’t easy. Tracking your world, your characters, and other important events can save you time and save you from plot holes before you even write them into existence.” click here to read more at that website.

I’m experimenting with writing-related software that will catalogue details similar to what she describes in that journaling approach.

However, there’s something rich and juicy about using pen-and-paper as much as possible, when writing.

Oh, I’m still using my keyboard to compile my books.  The ease of working with voice recognition software — so I don’t have to type anything, if I don’t want to — is a time-saver and avoids ye olde carpal tunnel issues.

But, anyway, I’m always interested in diverse ways to use journals for creative purposes.  And, this might be a great starting point for a journal about an imaginary realm for artistamps.

2 thoughts on “Journals as Story Bibles”

  1. I would very much appreciate info on the voice recognition software that you use, and like the best. I also thank you for the wordpress “sites that soar” ebook that I purchased from you a long time back.

    1. I’m using the free voice recognition software that comes with Windows 7. (It’s been part of Windows for awhile now, so if you’re on a PC, you probably have it.) I like it better than Via Voice… the accuracy was vastly higher, right out of the box, as compared with Via Voice that I’d “trained” for about five years.

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