Teal Magic Doll

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Teal Magic“Teal Magic” was the name of the first series of art/assemblage dolls I made after I met other dollmakers online and joined swaps.  That was around 1997 or 1998, I think.

That’s one of the dolls, at right.

The body was a simple wooden block, painted with copper-colored paint.  I photocopied a corset and hand colored it, and then glued that image onto the block, to represent her torso.

Her head was a translucent white 35mm film canister, with a paper (printed & hand-colored) face attached.

Her hair sprung out of the film canister.   The hair was yarn, embroidery floss, and some wires with beads attached.

The arms were sparkly ribbon with glass beads for hands.

The legs were made from vintage, plastic “crystals” (probably from a lamp or chandelier) and antique buttons covered where they were attached to the body.

I don’t recall how many of them I made.  Certainly no more than 10, and the number was probably closer to five or six.

I kept one doll and sent the rest to the swap.

At the time, one of my SoHo chatroom friends (from GeoCities) joked that I’d named the dolls after him.  His surname (in real life) was Teale.

I’m still very proud of those dolls.  No one else was making anything like them, at the time.

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