I’m rebuilding my Links page. They include weird, cool, and inspiring websites and art-making tools.

Here’s what’s current. More links will arrive soon.

The Rastibator might sound a little rude, but it’s a very cool, old-school site that creates huge images for murals. And it’s free. So, if you use the site, donate to him. That hosting bill is huge, and he’s being very generous by keeping the tool free. URL:

Homemade Sun Jar is a page of instructions for what it sounds like. It uses sunlight to charge a jar that looks like a vintage outdoor lamp. URL:

A similar concept: Catch a Falling Star and Put It in a Jar, by Molly Dunham. URL:

And then there’s the artist who’s dedicated to adding Space Invaders-style art, worldwide: Invaders – News. URL: