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Artist Dan Price's curious lifestyle and refreshing art journaling

A Curious Lifestyle and Super-Creative Art Journaling: Dan Price

This 12-minute video is from Danny Gregory’s Sketchbook Club, showing the progress of “Moonlight Chronicles” art with Dan Price. I think it’s a wonderfully inspiring example of how you can share your art journaling with others. https://youtu.be/B_J3Re04cHg Here’s a 35-minute video showing where Dan Price lives and works, in an underground, kind of Hobbit-ish home.

Short, fast art journaling videos

Short, Fast Art Journaling Inspiration – Art of Danny Gregory

Need a quick jolt of inspiration for your art journaling? These brief videos can help… a lot! Danny Gregory is an icon of art journaling. His artists journals were among the first to go viral, starting with his art journaling website and his books, including The Creative License – Giving Yourself Permission to Be the …

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Sketchcrawl – 15 May 2010

A sketchcrawl* is a full-day of sketching or drawing in a journal, or on some other art materials such as paper, canvas, etc. It’s usually part of a stroll, alone or with a group, looking at scenery in one general location. Sketchcrawl Supplies The Sketchcrawl.com website suggests a list of supplies for your sketchcrawl, http://www.sketchcrawl.com/materials/ I suggest: …

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