My New Favorite Art Desk – Review

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As an artist with a bazillion projects “in progress,” a worktable like this is a game-changer. I may get one for my kitchen and another for my home office. It’s that good.


  • + Surface is lightly textured, just enough so nothing sticks to it. Great for art projects!
  • + Height is adjustable from close to the floor to above my shoulders (at 5′ 7″).
  • – Challenging to assemble, but directions are nice and clear… just intricate (but worth the time).
  • + Useful in the kitchen, office, studio, garage, and probably more.

Amazon link: Adjustable Height Desk/Table (sponsored)


Here’s my review:

Wow, this desk is exceptionally nice!

It’s solidly made with high-quality parts. It weighs over 60 pounds.

It’s also large. Larger than my past desks. Since I’ll use this for working on art journals and collages, that extra space is glorious. I can spread out ALL of my art supplies, so they’re within easy reach, and I never feel crowded.

Likewise, the surface of the desk – slightly textured so it holds items nicely – is very even, despite the fact that it comes in two pieces. Those two pieces fit together flawlessly, and don’t splay, even when I lean on the desk to reach something at the far corner of it.

The surface is easy to wipe clean, too. Absolutely perfect!

My husband spent an hour assembling this desk. The instructions are well illustrated, and outlined with step-by-step directions. Work slowly and logically and you’ll be fine.

Tip: When connecting the long, horizontal rod that’s central to the motorized height adjuster, insert the hex-shaped end of the rod (at the non-motor end), first. Then, turn that rod gently so the other end meshes with its counterpart next to the motor.

The infinitely variable height of the desk surface is impressive. At its highest point, it’s almost shoulder height, and I’m 5’7″.

At its lowest, it might be ideal as a desk for children. In-between, I think this desk is what many of us have been looking for. It can be the “perfect height” – or at least close to it – whether you use this desk in your office, workshop, or studio.

I wish I’d found this years ago. I’d have spent far less time hunched over a too-short desk, and – at the other end of the spectrum – I wouldn’t have had to find the right assortment of chair cushions when a desk was too tall.

For me, this is a “Goldilocks” desk. Not too tall, not too short… just right! 🙂

Find it here at Amazon: Adjustable height desk/table (And yes, if you see my review there… I know that’s not a great look for me. I’ll probably make another video when I have more time.)

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