120 Colored Pencils by Kalour – Review

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This week, I tested a set of 120 colored pencils, sent to me by Kalour (via Amazon).

My initial impression was, “Wow! That’s a LOT of pencils in one small container.”

I almost expected them to be skinny, tiny pencils.

They weren’t. They’re full-sized, and come pre-sharpened.

The range of colors is impressive. Warm colors, cool colors, brights, muted tones, lights, darks… everything.

The leads are firm but not super-hard like some cheap brands. I’d rank these in the middle: somewhat hard but soft enough to give good coverage and blend well.

Kalour penciles reviewI tested them by coloring pages from two of my own coloring books.

First, one from my coloring book, Relaxing Country Scenes (a Rose Meadows book):

Garden scene from Relaxing Country Scenes coloring book

Then, one from one of my hippie-style coloring books:

Hippie swirls colored with colored pencils

As you can see, these colors are vivid and – even though I was coloring in front of the TV (watching the U.S. season finale of “Big Brother” 2022) – the pages turned out pretty well.

While I love-love-love Prismacolor’s soft leads, this Kalour set – especially for the price – is the perfect addition to my collection of coloring pencils.

Oh, I won’t keep storing them in the round, tube-style container. They’re a little difficult to manage in such a small space. Instead, I’ll put them in a clear plastic box or two or three. (After all, there are 120 full-sized pencils in this set, and I’ll probably group them by color.)

I’m giving this set four stars. It’s a good, high-quality set for a remarkably low price, especially for 120 pencils. Recommended!

Click here to see these pencils at Amazon.com.

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