Prosperity Pocket Shrine

This is a workshop sample that I created, showing a pocket shrine in an embellished matchbox. The photo on the left shows the outside of the shrine, and the right photo shows the matchbox, opened.

top of shrine inside prosperity shrine

For this shrine, I used a plain matchbox that I covered with some Chinese newspaper. I glued a hare (rabbit) sticker (from a swap) to the outside of the box, and the word Prosperity. (I was born in the year of the hare/rabbit.)

I cut the outside (the cardboard case) of the matchbox so that it would serve as a “door” to the shrine… it opens and closes. That part of the shrine is tacked in place with hot glue, at the back of the shrine.

Inside the shrine, I used decorated origami papers. Inside the matchbox, I used:

  • a gold paper notary seal
  • the Chinese symbol/word “prosperity” from a rubber stamp (no company name on stamp)
  • a yin/yang symbol on Chinese newspaper (no name on stamp), and
  • a small replica of a Chinese coin.

The coin is held in place with hot glue.

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One thought on “Prosperity Pocket Shrine”

  1. Super cool. I just started exploring art journaling–it can be a bit intimidating, but now I want to also try making matchbox shrines. So much fun. Just had a baby, so my “creative time” is quite limited, but I’m using every moment I can catch to follow my new passions. Thanks for being such an informative source of information and inspiration.

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