Be a successful renegade artist/writer

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Have you wanted to see your own article published in Expression, The Artist, Somerset Studio, or Art Doll Quarterly?

Do you dream of someday writing a successful book about the art that you love?

Renegade Writer book One day in 2005, I had coffee with NJ writer Mary Beth McCabe Temple.

She & I discussed what we have in common, which includes writing. And, she’s far more successful than I am, by a lot. She’s making connections at light speed and landing some amazing deals.

Of course, I wanted to know her secret. She generously provided me with some great contacts, but repeatedly emphasized the book, The Renegade Writer. Well, all of the local bookstores had sold every copy they’d had. So, I ordered it from Amazon.

A few days later, the book arrived. My first reaction was, “This is it? This is a skinny little paperback!”

Then, I started reading it. WOW! This is one of those books that is utterly jam-packed with one very practical idea after another, and many of these are… well, renegade ideas. After reading maybe five or six pages of this book, no wonder Mary Beth is doing so well!

See, I’ve been writing professionally–off and on–for over 20 years. I thought that I pretty much knew the routine: Ideas, queries, proposals, editors, contracts… everything.

I was really, really wrong.

If you’ve been thinking that it’d be fun to be published, either with a self-promoting article in Somerset Studio or in a best-selling book, buy this book.

I don’t say this often about writing books, because many of them just repeat the same stuff over & over again, and you can get all the info you need by reading a copy from the public library. Or, you can get the high points in a single issue of The Writer or Writer’s Digest magazines… which your public library probably subscribes to.

But, this book is VERY different. It’s a must-own if you’ve thought about getting published. You’ll refer to it often for advice and when you need a common-sense pep talk. You’ll highlight it, make notes in the margins…

Really, buy a copy. Right now.

Your first article sale will probably more than cover the price.

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