The Future is ART!

Over the past several months, people have had time to pause, reflect on what they’re doing (and not doing), and make different choices.

The future is ART!Many find the deepest self-expression in art, whether or not they consider themselves as “artists.”

Those expressions are emerging from our heart, our souls, and showing to ourselves – and perhaps the world – who we are.



With something to say.

We’re saying that in our art journaling, scrapbooking, drawing and painting, decorating, and more.

We’re using pencils, paint, paper, canvas and cloth, digital resources, and “found art” items.

We’re coloring, reorganizing, and redecorating.

We’re simplifying. Focusing on what brings us joy.

We’re creating journals, wearables, objects d’art, and… well, lots of things we don’t have words for.

This is about US… who we are, inside. The things we want (or need) to say.

And this is tremendously healthy.

So, over the next few months, you’ll see changes at this site. I’m making it easier for you to find the most useful articles and how-to info. (After all, I’ve been writing and illustrating these articles since forever. Or so it seems.)

This is kind of exciting.

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