Round Robin #2b – First pages

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Last Spring, two round robin journals were launched through the ArtistsJournals group at Yahoo Groups.  The first one — Round Robin #1 (aka RR #1) — returned to me first.  It’s pages have been scanned and posted.

Round Robin Journal #2 had a slightly rockier start.  The first person I sent it to… she kept it and was never heard from again.

So, I quickly replaced it with RR #2b, which had a few lulls but eventually returned to me.  However, I did take time to start this journal with a hasty, two-page collage sequence.

RR2b - Aisling D'Art's collages

In my collages, I’m always intrigued by two things:  How expressive eyes are, and a sense of motion (or stillness) in the combined images.

The left-side page is a collection of women’s faces, looking in different directions with different attitudes.  The right-side page includes a couple of images of fast-moving clouds, a leg to suggest motion, and faces contrasting enthusiasm and a sense of whimsy.

After that, I sent the journal to Alley Hauldren, who took the book on a journey.  Click here to see those next pages.

[Note: I  may earn a commission if you purchase something I’ve linked to.]

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  1. I love the idea of Round Robin. Are you planning on doing another one? I’d love to get it on it. Thanks!

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